Livestock and Poultry Services

The department is charged with the responsibility of enhancing production of meat and Milk in the State through provision of improved breeding stock, feeding and watering facilities as well as extension services on modern animal husbandry techniques. In order to implement above responsibilities the department is divided in two divisions namely:
a) Livestock Division
b) Poultry Division

The following sections are under livestock division:
1) Cattle production section
2) Small ruminant production section
3) Artificial insemination section
4) Range management section

Cattle production section has the following units:
a) Bunkure Cattle Ranch(LDC)
b) Bagauda Cattle Ranch (LDC)
c) Kadawa (LDC)
d) Tiga (LDC)

Small ruminant section has the following units:
a) Rano LDC-Sheep Farm
b) Dangora LDC-Goats Farm
c) Danbatta LDC –Cattle /Goat Farm

Range Management section has the following:
a) Grazing Reserves /Cattle routes unit
b) Fodder conservation and supplementary feed unit.
c) Livestock watering facilities unit

Artificial Insemination has the following units.
1. Semen collection and insemination and enlightenment unit
2. Laboratory unit.

Poultry division has the following sections;
a) Poultry production section.
b) Hatchery section.

Poultry production section has the following units:
a) Poultry production unit (PPU).
b) Feed/milk Hatchery Section has the following units:
c) Hatchery unit

Extension unit Key functions of the department include:
1. Upgrading the performance of indigenous livestock through cross –breeding with exotic breeds.
2. Provision of artificial insemination services to livestock farmers in the state.
3. Hatchery services to small scale poultry farmers.
4. Rearing of chicks to point of lay for sale to small scale poultry farmers.
5. Management of Grazing Reserves, Cattle Routes & Livestock watering facilities.

Director Livestock and Poultry Department

Adamu Gambo Kofar Mata